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If you are looking to learn more about equity derivatives and the inherent risks and rewards associated with the contracts, then this is the education for you. Derivatives, Risk and Clearing is a tailor-made course aimed for risk, clearing and compliance employees working with derivatives. All educational content has been produced in close collaboration between Financial Training Partners A/S and Nasdaq to ensure suitable knowledge and training is offered.

Hvordan foregår online kurset?

We place great emphasis on interaction. Therefore, the education will be a combination of pre-recorded lectures divided into a library of comprehensive modules, including mid- and post-module quizzes.

The course includes:

•  A pre-recorded training, where you will get exercises and solutions as part of the training.
•  Possibility to ask questions and get answers within 24 hours.
•  Final exam and certificate of completion
•  Six months access to the course
•  100% self-paced e-learning on demand. You decide when and at what pace you want to take the course.
•  A training that is suitable for viewing on both computer and mobile.

You must set aside approx. 12-15 hours for the education.


The education will give you a detailed knowledge of the aspects of derivatives and the related risk and clearing aspects. The education consists of 18 modules covering:

•  Introduction to futures/forwards
•  Introduction to options
•  Hedging with futures/forwards
•  Hedging with options
•  Valuation of futures/forwards
•  Valuation of options
•  Operational Risk Management on Derivatives
•  Delta Normal VaR on Derivatives
•  Historical Simulation-based Value at Risk on Derivatives
•  Monte Carlo Simulation-based Value at Risk on Derivatives
•  Stresstesting of Derivatives
•  Counterparty Risk Measurement
•  Counterparty Risk Management
•  XVA
•  Central Clearing Parties
•  Legislation
•  The Greeks
•  Volatility

Hvem henvender kurset sig til?

•  Risk
•  Backoffice
•  Compliance Personnel
•  Internal Auditors
•  Financial Authorities
•  Consultants
•  Front Office


Basic conceptual understanding of options and futures is recommended but not required as it will be possible to take introductory modules on futures/forwards and options.

Anmeldelser af dette kursus (5)

18 jan 2023

Derivatives, Risk & Clearing

Course covers wide range of topics and is very well structured.

Karina Alesko


23 nov 2022

Derivatives, Risk and Clearing


Jannica Lindberg


07 nov 2022

Derivatives, Risk and Clearing

A deeper understanding of risk and derivatives trading. Useful to have such an insight in operations department. The instructor is well spoken and interesting. Very clever.

Emil Andersson


19 sep 2022

Derivatives, Risk and Clearing

The course was good, and the delivery of the sessions very clear. The instructor is excellent, very clear. This is a relatively tough course for someone of a non-mathematical background (for reference, having sat UK derivatives qualifying papers, the concepts here were far more in depth). This was however appropriate and not overwhelming.

James Briscoe

22 jul 2022

Derivatives, Risk and Clearing


Aleksandrs Kuprenkovs


Instruktør på dette kursus

Jørgen Just Andresen

Jørgen Just Andresen

Jørgen er adm. direktør og stiftede Financial Training Partner A/S i 2002.

Han har mange års undervisningserfaring fra Financial Training Partner og som chefkonsulent i SimCorps kursusafdeling, hvor han startede i 1996. Før SimCorp arbejdede han i Danske Bank med salg og analyse af obligationer.

Jørgen har arbejdet i flere år som ekstern lektor på CBS (Copenhagen Business School), hvor han blev kåret som årets underviser på HD, Finansiel Rådgivning.

Han er forfatter til bøgerne Finansiel Risikostyring og Finansielle Derivater udgivet på Djøf Forlag.

Han er uddannet og HD(R)

Jørgen underviser i Derivater, Risikostyring, Porteføljestyring og Fixed Income

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